Economic Development

Northwood Economic Development Corporation: 

The role of the Northwood Economic Development Corporation is to pursue industrial prospects to locate in Northwood and/or the surrounding North Iowa area. Along with acting as a facilitator for expansion of existing businesses, they are instrumental in providing community growth through affordable housing for families. One of the tools used by the development corporation is to provide economic incentives for all of their economic growth goals.

The New Business and Commercial Revitalization Program:

The New Business and Commercial Revitalization Program assists and encourages small business development in the city. The new business phase of the program is to assist in start-up businesses. The commercial revitalization efforts are available for 1) remodeling, 2) building renovation, 3) leasehold improvements of existing businesses.


Total United Northwood Effort promotes and assists with community development by supporting the community effort to revitalize Northwood. TUNE is working to re-establish the downtown as the center of the community and to establish a tax-deductible foundation for donations targeted for specific, local projects and programs. For more information, visit the TUNE website at


Historical Preservation Commission:

The City of Northwood is fortunate to have numerous architecturally suitable buildings that speak to the era of the town's founding. It is the Historical Preservation Commission's goal to preserve the facades of these buildings. This is achieved by applying for grants and gaining public interest and support.